Sponsored Drivers

Tommy attributes his love for racing to his mom and dad who both race cars, I guess you could say it was in his blood.

Tommy Catalano #54

At the age of 17, Tommy Catalano is one of Wilbert’s Lakesides youngest employees. We get the feeling he is used to being a rookie, after all he started racing when he was 5 years old! Tommy originally got his start with mic-rods and since has progressed to a Nascar Sunoco Modified weekly along with a race of champions modified car.

Tommy is a 4 time NYSMA state champion, 2010 Wyoming county 4 cylinder champion, 2012 New York State Nascar Rookie of the year, and has had numerous wins throughout the last few years that placed him 2nd in points. Tommy is hoping to make a start at Bristol Motor Speedway this year with the Nascar Wheelan Modified Tour.

“Wilbert’s has had an enormously positive impact on our racing program. Anyone who’s involved in racing in any capacity knows that parts break. Having Wilbert’s U-Pull-It on the quarter panels has been invaluable when it comes to finding the right part quickly to make sure the car gets back on the track the next week. In addition, Wilbert’s helped us out before the first race of our first season in 2013. During pre-season testing at the speedway, the engine blew. Wilbert’s made a quality engine available to us, and we were on the track the following week. That engine is STILL in the car today, and runs great”

Barrett Schenk #51

Barret Schenk, age 31, Palmyra. Drives the # 51 NASCAR Super Six entry at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY. The car is built from a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, powered by a 3400 Series GM engine. I’d always wanted to go racing at my local short track, and had been driving a kart at Paradise Speedway in Geneva, NY on and off for a few years. It was fun, but didn’t satisfy my desire to race a full size car. When I moved to Palmyra, NY I had a lot more room to work in my barn. So, I sold the kart stuff and jumped into stock car racing at Spencer Speedway. The rest is history.

Some of Barrett’s accomplishments include: 2015 Feature Winner on Opening Night (May 22, 2015) & 2014 Heat Race Winner.

“Wilbert’s has been a tremendous sponsor; the definition of bending over backwards to satisfy their customers. I’ve had some odd requests looking for very specific parts and the team at Wilbert’s always come through with exactly what I need. They also take time out of their busy schedules to make sure things are going well and have gone out of their way at times to introduce themselves to my wife and kids. Top quality people help make Wilbert’s a top quality business, a model many businesses could learn from”

Brandon Allen #89

Brandon Allen, Age 28, is a Resident of Ontario, NY. He currently races a 1999 Buick Regal in the Super Six Division at Spencer Speedway. The Super Six division utilizes a stock drivetrain and suspension with only changes to the vehicle for safety. His engine is a GM 3800 Series II, straight out of Wilbert’s vehicle!
Brandon has been a racing fan for several years, Brandon says “a couple of my friends and myself went to a race at Spencer Speedway, saw the Super Six class in action and immediately started looking into getting a car together. The car we saw finish second went up for sale and the three of us went in on the car, splitting driving duties. Since then we all went on our own adventures with two of us still driving our own individuals today.”

Brandon is a 2013 Race Winner, 2014 Race Winner and the 2014 Track Champion.

“Wilbert’s helped tremendously when we needed parts while building my car, and made getting parts quicker and easier so we can make it to the track.”- Travis

“Wilbert’s makes it easy to get parts in a hurry” – Austin

The Montgomery Brothers #04

Since 2011 Ontario natives Austin Montgomery, 19, and Travis Montgomery, 17. Have been racing together at Spencer Speedway.
The Montgomery brothers race matching 1992 Honda Preludes 4 cylinder scorpions. The boys grew up watching their father race who was sponsored by Wilbert’s back in 1995. Austin got his first race car from his Aunt, Travis got his start shortly after because he “couldn’t let his brother have all the fun!”

Travis has had 7 heat wins Austin has had 4 heat wins and 1 feature win.

“Wilberts started sponsoring me in 2005. It was a slow start and I was young but from them to where i am now is amazing. We are like family and I couldn’t do what I love to do without them. Thank you.”

Andy Lewis #65

29 year old Andy Lewis races a 2012 Troyer racecars chassis with a sonny baron built 358 cubic inch small block chevy engine. He is in the sunoco modified division at spencer speedway and travels to different tracks across the state throughout the season.

Andy “continued the family tradition” his grandfather owned cars back in the 50’s and 60’s. His dad started racing in 1980 and raced for 25 years0. Some of Andy’s accomplishments include: 2002 Nascar Rookie of the year, multiple heat and feature wins, countless top 5 and top 10 finishes, and he is top 5 in points the past few years.