“The customer is the boss. If we don’t have them, we don’t have anything.”

Rick Wilbert

Gina Leonardo of Emerson Collision in Rochester has been working with Wilbert’s for over fourteen years, but her father and Uncle have been purchasing from Wilbert’s for over forty years. When asked what it is that makes Emerson Collision (also a family owned and operated business) continue to buy from Wilbert’s, Gina replied, “They’re very honest and upfront about what you’re getting. Their price point is unbelievable. If there are any issues with parts, they go above and beyond. I can’t say enough about them.”

Al DeBuono from Hastings Collision has also worked with Wilbert’s for over forty years. Al Continues to purchase from Wilbert’s today, stating, “Issues are resolved immediately. Repairs are quicker because of it and my customers are happier. In the salvage arena, Wilbert’s is a number one vendor. They do a great job and continue to be progressive.”

Wilbert’s has thrived as a business since it began in 1952 as a result of these longstanding relationships. The Wilbert family and their employees will continue to go above and beyond for customers both new and old.

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