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Today at Webster Schroeder High School, Wilbert’s U-Pull It provided two vehicles with the help of Barth Towing and Webster PD for the purpose of a DWI demonstration.

Each year, local schools provide real-life demonstrations about the dangers of DWI. Students act as drivers and passengers of the vehicles, which are positioned into a crash scenario. During the event, real response teams are sent to extract students from the vehicles, and to “arrest” those who are accused of driving while intoxicated. EMTs, Fire Fighters, and Police Officers all respond to make the scenario as true-to-life as possible.

At Wilbert’s U-Pull It, we are extremely proud to support our community with the help of both the Webster Police and Fire Departments. The more we work together as a community, the healthier we become!

Want to support Wilbert’s? Come on down to the U-Pull It and pull some parts for your vehicle!

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