Construction has finally started at our Buffalo location! It took a few months, but we have begun the renovation of our retail area and our processing building. The construction crews are working diligently to get the project done by early 2022. The retail renovations include the removal of three concrete block walls to open up a straight path from the front of the building to the back. This will allow our customers to easily pull and navigate their parts through checkout and into the parking lot. Other highlights of this project are new offices, storage, and a large break room/training area.

The existing processing building has already been removed to make way for a new structure with a taller roof. We needed more headroom in order to install the tilt and twist lifts used to recover fluids from our vehicles. These will be the same lifts that we are using at our Williamson location. This building will also be fitted with an oil/water separator, two vertical tanks (for oil and coolant), a mechanical room for our air compressor system, boiler for radiant floor heat (harnessed by burning waste oil), a restroom, and locker space for our employees.

We are focused on buying your car for cash! Call our buying office at 716-246-0606 x570 to get a quote and sell your car. We are extremely excited for our future here and look forward to advancing the automotive recycling industry in Buffalo!