Wilbert’s U-Pull It of Buffalo on Pound Road in Elma is extremely proud to announce the near completion of our new automotive recycling building. This building marks another milestone in our multi phase site development plan and is a staple on what makes our self service yards the most advanced in our industry. The 90’ by 120’ three sided building with a concrete floor serves as a home for our end of life vehicle recycling process. After the vehicle’s useful life is complete in our U-Pull It yard, the vehicle is removed and is brought to this new building. Once inside this building, the vehicles go through a multi-step process to efficiently remove the engine, transmission, small cores, and harness wire before the vehicle is ultimately sent to the crusher.

This building gives us the opportunity to complete all of these tasks while being a steward to the environment as it gives us protection from the elements and keeps all of our recycling operations under a roof and over concrete. This also gives Wilbert’s an opportunity to offer the most cash for your junk car because we completely recycle your vehicle and recover more commodities than anyone else in our industry. Upon completion, this new operation will add multiple jobs to our already growing family of Wilbert’s employees in Buffalo. We look forward to getting this up and running in the next month and greatly appreciate the support we continue to receive from the local community.