W i l b e r t ‘ s   H i s t o r y

Wilbert’s Premium Auto Parts has been making quality the priority since 1952. Our family has been committed to doing it right the first time for 70 years.

Our dedicated team is here to help you with whatever your needs are either at the self-service stores in Rochester, Bath, and Buffalo, or the two full-service stores in Rochester and our newest addition in East Ohio. Our inventory is unmatched with 20 warehousing locations across the North East all available to you overnight. So don’t hesitate to call the Wilbert family to get you back on the road ASAP!
Wilbert’s was founded in 1952 by Arthur Wilbert. Art was a family man first and a business man second. He was able to craft one of the largest and most modern automotive recycling facilities in all of New York.

Cars and car service were his passions, but he equally loved raising Christmas Trees. From the start, Art humbly grew and raised Christmas Trees for his family, friends, and neighbors. Eventually, Art’s tree farm grew to encompass 100 acres of land, which it still maintains to this day. When it comes to finding the perfect tree every year, Wilbert’s Christmas Trees has become a family name.

Art passed his business down to his sons who then introduced the third generation of the family into the business. They hold the passion that Art had for the industry and continue to maintain family as part of the Wilbert name.