The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Convention 2024 recently took place in glittering Las Vegas, drawing professionals from every corner of the recycling industry representing over 70 countries. Among them were representatives from Wilbert’s. For us, attending the ISRI Convention (the largest event in the recycling industry) is more than just a professional obligation; it is an experience of learning about innovation and collaboration.

The convention center was packed with booths showcasing cutting-edge technology, educational seminars, and networking opportunities. More than 150 industry leaders discussed the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the recycling sector in their speeches to record-breaking audiences. We gained invaluable insights that will continue to shape our approach to sustainability efforts, marketing, and customer service in the upcoming year.

But it wasn’t just the big ideas that captured our attention; it was also the chance encounters and conversations with fellow attendees that made the convention truly memorable. From swapping success stories with fellow recyclers to brainstorming solutions to common obstacles, we found ourselves immersed in a community united by a shared vision of a more sustainable future.

On the last day of the convention, ISRI announced their new name Recycled Materials Association. Their identity change emphasizes a sustainable, resilient, and essential nature of recycling that we are excited to embrace. Armed with fresh ideas, newfound connections, and a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the recycling industry, we are more committed than ever to driving positive change in our New York-based community and beyond.

The ISRI Convention may have been just a few days out of the year, but its impact will resonate far beyond the convention center walls. We are always so appreciative of the experience, of the friends we reconnect with, and of the new relationships we build. We can’t wait to put our new knowledge to use improving Wilbert’s!

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