It was a year ago today that our less-than-a-year old structure was burnt to the ground, but construction of a new facility began almost immediately after. Today, we look back on this past year at all of the progress we’ve made at Wilbert’s U-Pull It. Since we began construction, our team at U-Pull It has worked diligently, not only to reconstruct the building, but also to serve our customers while in the process. We are thrilled by how far we have come and although it hasn’t been easy, we are on pace with our schedule to rebuild. Operating out of temporary structures has not been easy, but it has been worth it to continue to be able to provide service to our customers. We are looking forward to being able to utilize our new facility and offer a “bigger and better” version of our original Wilbert’s U-Pull It for our customers.

The Family of Wilbert’s U-Pull It