Wilbert’s U-Pull It’s website has undergone some new updates over the past couple of weeks! First, we added the option to our inventory tool to search all three of our locations at once for your desired vehicle. Our newest update involves the addition of VINs to our inventory search tool. Now, customers can click on the VIN of a specific junk vehicle and pull up its body class, engine size, and engine displacement, as well as year, make, and model. This additional information will allow customers to see if the vehicles in our yards will potentially meet their part needs, just by visiting our website.

Our goal is to give our customers every resource possible to make their part-pulling experience at our yard successful. In addition to saving you cash on inexpensive car parts daily, we want to save you time and hassle, too. We are constantly working on improvements to our U-Pull It facilities and appreciate any suggestions you want to leave us at https://www.wilberts.com/u-pull-it/suggestion-box/. We look forward to adding exciting new features to our website and stores within the coming months, but encourage you to check out our inventory search at https://www.wilberts.com/u-pull-it/#inventory in the meantime!