In addition to being quick and easy, selling your junk vehicle to an automotive recycler is environmentally friendly! Cars are among the most recycled commodities in the marketplace. Today the professional automotive recycling industry recycles more than 4 million motor vehicles per year in the U.S. and Canada alone, substantially reducing our carbon footprint. Automotive recycling plays an important role in reducing air and water pollution, as well as solid waste generation. Each year the industry collects and reuses or recycles an estimated:

8 million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel
24 million gallons of motor oil
8 million gallons of engine coolant
5 million gallons of windshield washer fluid
96% of all lead acid batteries

When you sell your junk car to an automotive recycler like Wilbert’s U-Pull It, parts from your vehicle will go on to provide life to others. Upon our purchase, your vehicle will be processed, then set in our yard for other customers to remove affordably-priced parts from. Rest assured that once your vehicle has had all potentially useful parts removed, the leftover metal and other components will be recycled accordingly through our partners.

We make the selling process simple! If you want to sell your end-of-life vehicle to Wilbert’s, all you need is a title to the car, truck, van, or SUV you wish to sell and a valid photo ID. We will buy your vehicle even if it’s not driveable, and in that case, we will pick it up. Any year, make, and model is eligible!

Last but not least, Wilbert’s is able to pay you more money for your junk vehicle because we recycle nearly all its components. This means you are getting paid top dollar in cash. If you’re looking to sell your end-of-life junk car for cash, look no further than Wilbert’s U-Pull It for the best deal! Get a quote today by visiting calling our buying office at 315.589.2222 (Rochester), 607.776.7662 (Bath), or 716.246.0606 (Buffalo).