Wrenches the Easter Bunny is back with more prizes! On April 8th, the Saturday before Easter, we will be hosting our second annual Easter Egg Hunt (for adults!) at all Wilbert’s U-Pull It locations. We will be giving out hints as to where the eggs are located on social media leading up to the date. Like last year, customers who find an egg will be able to exchange it for a reward! Follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram for more information and access to all of the clues.


You must be 18+ to participate

Yard entrance fee is required

Limit of 1 egg/prize per person

You must bring your egg to a Wilbert’s Customer Service Representative to receive your prize

Do not tamper with other eggs


Hint One: Wrenches has always favored quarter-ton pickups, regardless of make!






Hint Two: Wrenches left GM Car playing his favorite sport.






Hint Three: Wrenches just left the Ford Car section on horseback.






Hint Four: Wrenches is leading the charge in Mopar Car!






Hint Five: Wrenches couldn’t find an M3 in the Euro section, so he left an egg with a more simple option.





Hint Six: Wrenches took a safari through the Asian section to hide this egg.






Hint Seven: Even the most random vehicle in the Miscellaneous section got a visit from Wrenches.





Hint Eight: Wrenches dropped one last egg on his way out of the yard! Think like a gearhead to find it, randomly placed!