Wilbert’s welcomes many different groups from local schools and education programs for tours of our facilities. Many times, we team up with our full-service store, Wilbert’s Premium Auto Parts, to give students a greater perspective of all we do. During our tours, we educate our guests on the automotive recycling industry and the part that Wilbert’s plays in it. We show them our equipment and demonstrate our fluid removal, car nibbling and crushing, and retail and buying practices. Our employees get to answer questions posed by the students and explain why we take the steps we do to ensure a cleaner and greener yard that benefits both our local environment and our customer. We inform students on future job opportunities and show them why Wilbert’s is a great place to build a career in a growing industry!
Recently, we had both a homeschooled group of students as well as a class from WEMOCO Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. Both managers who gave these tours even attended the same BOCES program. The kids learned about the history of Wilbert’s, were shown the recycling process, then pulled their own doors from vehicles in the yard to work on in their class.
If you know of an organization that is interested in touring our businesses, please reach out to us at 315.589.2222! We love showing people that Wilbert’s is much more than a “junk” yard!