Tire Shop Services

$20.00 Mount & Balance Installed (Purchased from Wilbert’s)
$16.00 Mount & Balance Loose (Purchased from Wilbert’s)

Mount & Balance of Customer Supplied Tires: Call (315) 524-1900 for accurate pricing

Mounting and Balance includes professionally dismounting the tire, cleaning wheel bead, changing valve stem when applicable, sealing tire to bead and balancing with hammer or stick on weights. All on state of the art Hunter equipment.
$25.00 Tire Patch Professional internal repair of tire warrantied for life of the tire. Includes M&B.
$20.00 Tire Rotation Car|$30.00 Tire Rotation Truck/SUV Includes 4 wheel rotation and air pressure check.
$5.00 Tire Disposal Recycle standard tire sizes correctly.
$2.50 New York State Tire Tax
$50.00 New Aftermarket TPMS Sensor Includes programming to year, make, model. Does not include M&B.
$15.00 Balance Bags Not sold separately.
$10.00 Wheel Lock Removal Per lock. Will only perform with the purchase of M&B.

Prices are subject to New York state sales tax
Mount or Balance only minus $4.00 from initial fee
Oversized tires, run-flat tires, reverse mount wheels, and hand mounting are subject to additional fees
Purchase of 4 new tires with M&B includes free rotation for the life of tire. Also includes free flat repair
(When repairable. Does not include road hazard/TPMS leak)

If additional repairs are needed, our service rate is $86/hour

Patches are applied over the puncture area from the inside of the tire. After the procedure, the tire will be mounted back on the rim, inflated to the proper tire pressure, and the repair checked for leaks.

Tire Rotation promotes even tread wear and balanced handling. Repositioning your tires at regular intervals ensures that your tires wear evenly, which can extend their life and save you money in the long run.

Wheel Lock Removal requires a special key. Our technicians are equipt with the correct tools to remove locking nuts wihout causing damage to your wheels.