A Community Together (ACT) for Education is an unprecedented initiative by public schools in the Monroe 1 and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES districts, RCSD, area businesses, and community members. Their mission is to deliver positive messaging about local school districts and encourage community support of public education. Every year, ACT for Education recognizes local businesses, organizations and leaders who serve as exceptional supporters of surrounding public schools and students. This year, Aaron Wilbert, General Manager of Wilbert’s Premium Auto Parts of Ontario, was nominated by Monroe 1 BOCES as a Community Champion of Public Education. Dan White, Mike Ehret, Joe Alati, Stephanie Robusto, and Kim McCluski spoke on why he was being honored. “Aaron Wilbert of Wilbert’s was a student in Joseph Alati’s Collision Repair class at Eastern Monroe Career Center. Mr. Alati says Aaron and his family run an amazing, successful and growing business. Aaron never stops advocating for and supporting the Collision Repair program. Wilbert’s is also known for its community outreach and explaining the importance of community involvement to students. The partnership with Wilbert’s actually goes back decades. Aaron’s grandfather, who founded Wilbert’s, used to do business with Mr. Alati’s grandfather. Now, there’s an annual field trip to Wilbert’s 38-acre recycling yard in Williamson that’s become an important part of the curriculum. After a thorough tour of the buildings and grounds, students pick out their own car door to take back to class. The program doesn’t get charged a dime. If Mr. Alati’s students are able to strip the paint off, fix damaged areas, repaint, take the dozens of parts out of the door and put them all back in correctly, they will be well on their way to a career in collision repair. I think it’s safe to say that the Wilbert family’s support of EMCC students will continue for generations to come, thanks to Champions like Aaron.” Aaron and Tyler Petrie, General Manager of Wilbert’s U-Pull It of Williamson, attended the ACT for Education ceremony and not only toured the BOCES facility, but talked to students about the programs they were in. They recently received letters from all of the students in Mr. Alati’s class describing their favorite parts of the Wilbert’s facility tours, as well as thanking them for the opportunity to see the businesses’ behind-the-scenes operations. Wilbert’s will continue to be involved in this intiative for years to come.


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