On the morning of April 18th, 2021, Wilbert’s family, friends, and employees from all over Monroe and Wayne County came out to clean the roadside area of the highway between Philips Road and County Line Road in Webster, NY. The dedicated group gathered at 6:30 am and cleaned until mid-morning, with Mother Nature on their side. The weather was great; there was no rain and it was the perfect temperature for a little community service.

Wilbert’s has participated in the Adopt-a-Highway program for decades and will continue to do our part to assist in keeping our local roadsides maintained. Sunday’s participants recalled picking up a large amount of masks due to the Coronavirus pandemic–a trash item that unforunately now litters most areas. In addition to helping the community, this activity also serves as a great team-building exercise. It typically ends with a group breakfast to encourage comradery even outside of work. This event happens twice a year and is always a fun way to encourage proper trash removal, disposal, and recycling. We hope our investment in the community inspires others to give back and keep our environment clean!

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