The Tree Farm is currently being canvassed for the New York Breeding Bird Atlas that is used to assist the DEC with conservation efforts.

Seasoned bird researcher and previous regional coordinator of the studies, Bob Spahn, says the mix of habitat the Tree Farm offers (fields, ponds, open areas, pine trees, and forests) make it an ideal breeding and nesting ground for many species. One of the most surprising birds he found to inhabit the block of land including the Tree Farm was the Acadian Flycatcher. More commonly, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, several types of Sparrows, and Mourning Doves were observed. In the provided map, you can see the path Bob travelled to gather his findings outlined in blue. So far this year, 58 species of birds have been seen on the farm alone!

It is important to document these sightings because they contribute to hundreds of conservation decisions, peer-reviewed papers, and projects worldwide that help inform bird research. The breeding patterns of these species are recorded by birders who are almost all volunteers–and you can contribute too!

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