After months of navigating the application process, Wilbert’s Premium Auto Parts has received “CAR” or “Certified Automotive Recycler” certification, a huge accomplishment for our company. We are accreditted by the Automotive Recyclers Association, the same organization that bestowed upon us the Automotive Recycler of the Year award in 2021. They provide professional automotive recyclers with a set of standards for general business practices; certification is based upon a variety of factors including environmental consciousness, safety compliance, and customer satisfaction. We are being recognized for our cooperation with environmental policies and our attention to yard design and layout, safe high voltage processing practices, extensive recycling practices, and elevated customer service.

In addition to this milestone, we are now an ARA Gold Seal certified member. According to the ARA, “The ARA Gold Seal Program is a natural next step for automotive recyclers who have already completed their Certified Automotive Recycler certification and want to take their business to the next level. Established by ARA with an endorsement from the Automotive Service Association, the Gold Seal Program allows recyclers to join forces to take a proactive stance to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.” Being Gold Seal certified lets our customers know that we are an industry leader and excell at providing superior parts with great service. With a customer complaint system, mechanical parts warranty, and the requirement of all Gold Seal members to use the ARA parts grading system, our customers can have peace of mind that they are buying both an accurate and premium quality part. We pride ourselves in only delivering the very best since 1952.

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